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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Kim Kardashian rant...because I just have to!

140 characters is not enough to reflect my extreme distaste for Kim K & everything she's about.  I quit watching KUWTK after the episode this season with Kourtney & the rats...I mean quit bitching for a whole freaking episode, call an exterminator, fix the issues & shut up!  If that's all they have to show then they need to be cancelled as that is neither interesting nor entertaining & honestly the only reason I've been watching the last couple seasons is because I love Khloe.  

Well I decided to watch the Thailand episodes so I recorded them (only to find out there's still a 3rd to come) and I spent so much time making comments to my dog about how obnoxious Kim is through the whole 2 hours.  I thought she was bad before but you take the 2 biggest narcissists in the world & have them marry each other & breed & all you get back is monsters.  Kim has become such a mega narcissist she makes Kanye look humble.  She spent way too much time taking pictures of herself for "the man she loves" than enjoying the beautiful place she was in with the family who has loved her since she was born.  My biggest issue with her stupid "selfie book" is that most of the time the pics weren't selfies because someone else was taking them!

Now that brings me to this...who in the hell were the people patting sand all over her big fat ass & taking pictures of her?  There was like a whole wasn't her "Executive Assistant" who had been taking her pics the rest of the trip so did she hire a bunch of people to make sure that not a second of her hotness was missed?  Perhaps they were rescuers trying to save that 2 sizes too small bikini from getting eaten by her giant ass?  When she was laying in the water I was just hoping she'd get stung by a jellyfish.   

That brings me back to the "Executive Assistant" at least that's what I think it said her title was (is her name Christine?) anyway....Executive Assistants don't take photos or run errands or help with personal items...that is a Personal Assistant.  An Executive Assistant is a highly trained individual who handles paperwork, appointments, travel & things of that nature...basically, if my boss asked me to go to Thailand for work & then proceeded to wear a wet t-shirt dress asking me to take pictures of her I would say "sorry sister, I don't care what you pay me, that's sexual harassment & not in my job description". 

I was cheering Khloe on when she said to Kim "why don't you just take another selfie" and then Kim responds with some nasty comment about Khloe's multiple rapper boyfriends...really Kim, you're married to one & that's probably how Khloe met them all to begin with.  But regardless, she's so's all about her & her husband & kid and she thinks that should go for everyone in her entire family!  Just because her sex tape made them all famous doesn't mean shit...she's the most annoying, obnoxious, narcissistic, overrated, selfish, rude, irritating person on reality TV.  You know when the show started she was just full of herself but all of the "fame" has gone to her head & I for one can't wait until people start saying "oh yeah, whatever happened to Kim?".  And speaking of the kid...poor North, named after a defunct airline has to be raised by 2 people who most likely view her as the best accessory ever.  And what's up with Kanye getting all pissed about keeping his kid safe & out of the public eye (you'll see she's never shown on KUWTK) when his wife's entire business is based on just that.  Not to mention that it was totally cool to put her on the cover of, can you say contradiction?  

Anyway, I'm just counting down the days until E! finally cancels that shit & they are all forced to make money another way. I  would like for them to just fizzle away like Spencer & Heidi...I mean, I know there will always be celebrities that are just like them but I'm ready to move on to some new meat & preferably new meat with MUCH smaller asses.  I don't care what anyone says her ass is just plain too big & so unattractive!! 

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