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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

We are back from vacation & we've been catching up....

And since I was out of town I'm still super behind on my DVR watching...I think it's at 80%.  I've got 2 episodes of Halt & Catch Fire to watch, 1 The Leftovers, 2 Graham Norton, like 4 WWHL plus a few others.  While I have a ton of stuff fresh in my brain though we need to talk....caution, spoilers ahead.

Mystery Girls is the new comedy on ABC Family that was created by Tori Spelling & stars her & Jennie Garth which of course got me all excited because I am a 90210 junkie but this show is in a word, terrible.  Tori plays a dippy girl & she's obnoxious...I never thought her acting was great or anything but she needs a LOT of work as does the gay guy character they have...I don't know who plays him but he too needs work...they both overact way too much & that makes it stupid not funny.  Jennie of course is good but working with those 2 makes her look bad in my opinion & most importantly...this show is way too risque for ABCF.  I don't think they air it until 10:30 but regardless it's supposed to be a family channel & no kid should be watching this show...a lot of the jokes are very adult oriented & I find myself saying "did they just say that" when I'm watching.  I will give the show 1 more episode & then I'm done with it.

Million Dollar Listing Miami is another spin off on Bravo & I watched the first episode & didn't think much of it, I've got another episode to watch on the DVR & then I'll watch this week & decide if I'll keep watching.  I don't really care for any of the brokers nor do I care for the properties...oh look it's another white condo in a high rise & another & another...there's no interest or anything to the properties down there.  I want to see big ass houses & places with character not condos that were built in the 80's & later, they are just cookie cutter apartments that you own instead of renting & that's just not what I like to look at.  

Halt and Catch Fire is so far really grabbed me with episode 1 but my interest must have trickled because I noticed I had 3 episodes on my DVR yesterday.  I don't really know what it is yet that I'm not into because I expected to really dig it...I'm a geek but this show might just be too technical because most of it doesn't make sense.  Since the subject matter is lost on me I need the characters to pick up the slack & really the only person that is even the least bit interesting is Cameron.  Back near the beginning the main dude took off his shirt to reveal a ton of scars & the story he told as to where they came from didn't make any sense & I'm guessing it was supposed to show us that he isn't all bad but I didn't get it or see the point.  Once I finish these 2 more episodes I'll decide if I'm going to keep watching it because as of now I'm just not really into it.

True Blood is so good this season...I've been very disappointed with the last 3 seasons but this one is off to a killer start, literally.  So far Tara & Alcide are dead & Eric isn't dead but is dying...Arlene & Holly are locked up & could die anytime & stupid Sarah Newlin is alive.  Nicole is pregnant & it Sam's baby?  I honestly forgot about her because she was annoying so when I saw her locked up at Fangtasia I was kind of like "oh really, she's still around" and I was hoping she'd get eaten right away but she's still around.  Now, what I don't get is how Sookie hasn't realized that everyone is being held at Fangtasia considering that Lafayette was held there & she knew it & she keeps mentioning the place, why hasn't it clicked?  So...I've been hearing various hopes for this season from fellow fans & my hope is that everyone ends up dead so people don't instantly start speculating about a movie.

Big Brother...I hate to say it but I am not impressed with this season.  I don't really like anyone in the house besides Frankie & Donny now that Joey is gone & if I have to hear Devin even speak again it will drive me insane.  That guy is a loose cannon & is so freaking annoying...could you be any more paranoid dude?  I don't care for this 2 HOH twist thing going on this season because I shouldn't have to think that hard, watching a reality competition show shouldn't require note taking.  I can't keep things straight about who nominated who & what is going on.  Personally, I feel that the losing nomination battle team should stay on the block while the HOH is replaced with the winning team's HOH otherwise we will just have battle after battle of people throwing the competition to keep their HOH in that position...assuming they are working together that is.  Regardless, I hope that twist ends soon because I'm annoyed with it & we're only on week 2!

The Leftovers has aired 2 episodes & I've seen the first's creepy & confusing so far so I'm hoping that another episode will help get me together on this one.  Like, who are these weird silent people? Why are they stalking other people?  Why are they so against hope?  On the other side, why are the people who lost others still so full of hope?  Who are all of the people living in the "camp" with the black British guy & why is he so awesome?  What's the deal with the pack of rabid dogs & why did they have to show them eating a deer?  The main guy is played by Justin Theroux & he's the Captain or Sergeant or something like that of the small town they all live in.  He seems to be losing his mind or perhaps we are just supposed to think that...I'm not yet sure but what I am sure about is that I shouldn't have watched the premiere in 2 parts with 2 days in between because I'm just plain confused as hell.

Kandi's Wedding...thank God that's over. I am not going to miss that drama or Mama Joyce one bit.  She should be ashamed of herself for the way she treats Todd & Kandi & Todd's daughter...she's just plain nasty & it's unattractive & I don't want to see her face on Bravo anymore!


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