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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Laid up round up!

So I've been really behind on my DVR for a while now & I was laid up for 2 days with a stiff neck so I made my way through almost everything on there over the last couple days & here's my thoughts on a bunch of stuff.  There may be spoilers here if you are behind on any of these shows.

1. The Honey Boo Boo family is disgusting & I spend a lot of time covering my eyes when I watch the show BUT they are the happiest family on television.  They are real, they all love each other & while I get grossed out watching them eat & play in nasty things like mud & butter I still love them because they really don't give 2 shits what anyone else thinks of them.  It still boggles my mind though that all the girls have boyfriends & I'm still single...then again, I require my men to have all of their teeth.

2.  Bad Teacher was funny but I totally see why it was cancelled...every episode has to have some lesson & end on a happy note...that's not entertaining...we want to see a teacher behaving badly not a bad teacher learning to be a better person.  Plus Kristen Davis' teacher's aid Kim is a pointless & annoying character that I like to ff through.

3.  Californication...boy am I glad this is over.  Seriously, every single season was the same thing & I honestly wish that Karen would have died in the car accident to add some point of interest to the end of the series.  Instead it ended just like it started with Karen & Hank at a good place...why was she so stupid to keep going back to him when he just always treated her like shit?  Nothing will ever change but at least we don't have to watch it anymore!

4.  Welcome to Sweden...I didn't find this to be the least bit funny for the most part.  There was 1 funny scene (the sauna) but the rest was pretty lame.  I'm not a fan of having to read what I'm watching as I'm always doing other stuff while the TV is on & there's just too much Swedish talk going on for me.  I hoped that since this was Amy Poehler's brother it would be hilarious so perhaps that's why I was so disappointed...I don't know but this one won't be getting a series recording from me.

5.  The Leftovers is beyond confusing...I generally give a show 3 episodes before I walk away but this one will get 4.  I just watched episode 3 & there was just way too much dreaming & imagery going on...just get on with the damn story.  Nothing makes sense, the characters are poorly developed for this far into a season & when they jump back to a previous story I never know if it's a dream or just a look back to give us more information.  Regardless, I'm always rewinding due to confusion but that never helps!

6.  Game of Crowns...this show is horrendous & I will not be tuning in again.  

7.  Murder in the First is good, I like the cast (Taye Diggs is my world & seeing Clare from 90210 again makes me smile) & am really getting into this story about Blunt & can't wait to see who actually killed that flight attendant.  I haven't seen this weeks episode yet but will be watching right after work.

8.  Halt & Catch Fire I am still indecisive about this one.  I like the story but the show is too technical so a lot of the "drama" that goes on makes no sense to the general public.  People don't even know what a BIOS is!  I know the show is about the computers but they need to take a backseat to the story or this show will tank.  Like Mad Men, it's not actually about advertising it's about the people working in the agency but so far, this one is mostly about computers.  In the last episode I watched (I've yet to watch last weeks) they started getting a little more in-depth with the characters like the thing with Joe's dad & Cameron & stupid Gordon & the Cabbage Patch Kid.  My biggest question here is who is Gordon's wife going to sleep with, Joe or the guy at work?  I'll watch the whole season but I can't yet say if I'll be back for the next one if there even is one. 

9.  Working the Engels has potential but I need to give it a couple more episodes.

10.  Sister Wives...this one is just getting boring...I watched 2 episodes last night & honestly couldn't tell you anything that happened in either one!  Since the family doesn't get drunk or make poor choices the entertainment value is gone now that the shock value of public polygamy is gone.

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