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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Affair...Showtime...I checked out the premiere episode

I checked out the early premiere of The Affair last night on Showtime Anytime & it sucked me right in although I still don’t know what is going on.  The show is an hour & essentially broken up into 2 sides of 1 story, each are a half hour & I don’t know if the entire series will go on this way or not but I liked it.  The confusing thing is that each of the characters are being questioned by, I’m guessing a detective, because it sounds like someone has turned up dead or missing or something but we don’t know that yet.  We do know that time has passed only because of a comment made by one of the characters (Allison) but I’m guessing not too much time because neither her nor Noah look any older in their interviews than they do in the scenes explaining the past.

So Allison & Noah meet in Montauk when Noah, his wife & 4 kids arrive at the diner Allison works at for lunch & their daughter starts choking.  Allison is their waitress & assists with the choking situation.  We learn later that Allison is married to Cole & they lost a child 4 years ago though we don’t know how yet.  Allison & Cole live in Montauk…Noah & family live in NYC & are in Montauk to stay for the summer with his in-laws.

Allison & Noah have a chance late night meeting & he walks her home…shortly after that Allison & Cole are having sex outside & Noah watches (she’s knows he’s watching) though all of the events of this evening are seen differently from each side so I can’t really say more because, well, we don’t actually know the truth.  I gather that depending on who we favor during the affair that has yet to begin will gauge how we view the entire story…how she sees it or how he sees it.  Personally, so far, I see a bit of both because his story seems a bit stretched for effect & hers seems a bit understated to make herself look better but who really knows?  I think this show is cast very well with Maura Tierney, Joshua Jackson, Dominic West & Ruth Wilson playing the main characters. I look forward to seeing where this story will take us & how the affair will unfold & what happened to whomever is dead/missing/whatever but the more I think about the show I’m wondering if it will be like True Detective with a new cast every season?  I mean, how many seasons can you drag out 1 affair?

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