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Monday, October 27, 2014

truTV has a new lineup starting tonight

Beginning tonight truTV has a new 9:00 you can check out the special The New truTV: First Look but before that, at 8:00 be sure to tune in for the new game show Hair Jacked.  It's a never before seen game show that gives unsuspecting contestants a chance to win cash...all while getting a haircut.  Of course, there's a catch & if the contestants don't play smart one wrong answer could send them packing with the worst hairstyle of their lives!  Check out this video of an Intense Comb Over.

Then at 10:00 it's a next generation reality competition Fake Off, pitting 10 extremely talented performance troops against one another to re-create some of the most iconic pop-culture moments.  Talents span across performance, acrobatics, dance, and tech and it's sure to amaze anyone who loves competition, performance art & pop-culture.  Meet the teams competing below:

Be sure to check out the all new truTV lineup tonight starting at 8:00 and the fun continues tomorrow & Wednesday too.  Stop by, I'll be sharing some videos for those new shows too.

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