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Monday, October 20, 2014

Why is TV so shitty this fall?

TV sucks the big one lately...anyone else noticing this?  I feel like every freaking show is just a rip-off/remake of something else.  As a person who watches a ton of television I find it odd that my DVR only had 1 thing set to record Monday night which means I had to spend my night working out & doing laundry because what the hell else is there to do?  Why is the fall season taking so long to premiere this year?  Once they do they will be on for like 3 weeks & then we'll have reruns through Christmas.  None of my CBS Monday sitcoms have started yet & that's pissing me off, the shows that have returned haven't been awe inspiring or anything & the brand new shows...well, I like 4 of them & there's what about 20?

Someone asked me the other day "what's one TV show that I should be watching that I'm probably not" and my response would be The People's Couch.  It's the only original show out there, it's a TV show about other TV shows while also being a reality show (kind of) and the people on it are hilarious.  As for a scripted show I think the best new one is Stalker...I've heard good things about How to Get Away with Murder but we all know that Shondaland shows are good for 2 seasons & then turn to shit so what's the point in even trying?  I did talk to a couple of people that found it a bit confusing too.  My next pick would be The's only 1 episode in but things are going to get really good, I can feel it.

All of the Real Housewives are getting on my nerves, Revenge has just gotten to be too much "as-if" going on, Resurrection is still good & holding my interest, I'm still watching Project Runway because there's nothing else on, Mad Men still has 6 months before the final season premieres & really, the only show I'm biting my nails waiting for is Pretty Little Liars...yes you read that right.  A tween drama on ABC Family is the one show I'm always on pins they keep the drama & intrigue going there I have no clue but I certainly enjoy it!  The Following, while it's good it's just starting to get lame...they need to get rid of Joe & move on to a new story line or this one will just get beyond played out, there isn't much you can do with it going forward.

Don't get me wrong, I'm still looking forward to the return of Shameless & the final season of Nurse Jackie but House of Lies I'm not as excited about & often I think I keep watching a show just because I watched the previous season but I spend the entire duration surfing the web which just tells me that I'm wasting my time.

Essentially, the shows I've been watching the most of lately are the first 2 seasons of RHONJ & Webster...both old & both on Hulu!  So let me ask all of you...what show are you watching that I'm probably not?  Don't bother saying The Walking Dead either because just listening to that show for 5 minutes makes my stomach turn.  I've also tried to get into American Horror Story but again, it's too creepy for me...I saw bits of the premiere last night during The People's Couch & knew for sure it wasn't for me.

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