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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Parks & Rec and Girlfriends' Guide wrap ups

So...Parks & Recreation ended forever this week & I am so sad to see it go!  I thought the finale was so well done with the team finishing one last ride.  Getting to see the whole office back together to get a swing at a park fixed was like a warm hug especially since the show had moved away from that over the last season.  Granted, this last season took place 3 years in the future so it would only make sense that things weren't the same.  My favorite part was getting to see how they wrapped up each individual character showing them all in various stages of future...most in the future was Gerry/Gary/Larry/Terry who was 100 when he died.  Now, was it everyone's impression that Leslie was POTUS at the funeral?  With all of the bouncing around I couldn't keep things straight.

I was happy to see Anne & Chris return, they had definitely been missed over the last year but most of all I was happy to see both Tom & Donna treat themselves to very happy futures full of love.  Seeing Andy & April with a kid was quite hilarious because come on, Andy as a dad?  Please, poor April already had a kid before she had the baby!  

My favorite happy ending was Ron...he's always been my favorite character on the show, I want to be him when I grow up even though I don't like the outdoors as much as he does.  As for Leslie & Ben, well we all kind of knew they would end up on the political route, but seeing them as besties with April & Andy was kind of funny.  The best was that in the end so many people were moving back to the area to be back together as one big happy family again...all in all the season/series/episode was wrapped up with a nice bow & I feel satisfied.

So...Girlfriends' Guide...I wish I had a better review to offer but honestly, the finale pissed me off.  I loved the first half of this season when Janeane Garofalo was still on it...not that I have anything against Alanna Ubach (I'm a fan of hers as well) but I love Janeane & the show was more cutting edge during the first half.  The show is called Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce & in the end she went back to the husband...are you kidding me?  I was slightly disgusted with Abby when she left her divorce party to go back & meet up with Jake. Actually, I was disappointed in all of the ladies in the final episode.  

Phoebe...she's such a mess I can't even stand it & her big upset with the photographer was built up to be some big scandal yet like everything else it truly ended up that she is pissed at herself for allowing someone to take advantage of her.  Of course, like always she's going to blame everyone else for her problems...from her home the size of an effing hotel!  At 14 she was taken in by a photographer who took her to parties & offered her pills & booze that SHE accepted & then awful photos were taken...duh, what would you expect?  Here I thought the woman had sold her into sex slavery for a couple years!  Oh and, her new boyfriend Marco...yeah, he'd never date her, not in a million years, she's way too superficial for a guy like him.

Delia...she plays this super power woman who isn't going to take shit from anyone & some tool box rolls in & just changes all of that.  Seriously?  Every time I see him all I can think of is The Wedding Singer so perhaps that's why I just can't take her being with him very seriously.  I was really happy to see her get partner under her own conditions but the relationship wrap up left a bad taste in my mouth.

Jo...she is the one who needs therapy more than her daughter, she treats her child like a parent & is so codependent it's ridiculous.  Thankfully she's freaking hilarious because not many other people on the show are and speaking of others on the show can I just say that Abby's brother & his story line became completely pointless through the 2nd half of the season.  Oh and Charlie...if I behaved that way & spoke to people like that when I was that age I'd have been back handed.  What a little dick that kid is & nobody ever does anything about it because he's fragile with the divorce, I can't stand it, it's not cute or funny & ignoring the behavior isn't going to help anyone in the long run!!

So back to Abby, I can't believe she was so awful to poor Will, I'm livid that she got back with Jake & when Becca showed up at his house I said "well, you know she's going to be pregnant" and then she said she was & I threw my hands up in the air.  This show went from cutting edge girl power with divorced women taking their lives back & being OK with it & then's all gone.  This is now just another show about a bunch of sex crazed women who have no identity without men in their lives & who will spread for any kind of compliment.  Now that Jake has a job Abby thinks things will work out this time around?  Seriously, if the writing doesn't get better & these women don't get more respectable I won't continue watching this one! 


  1. You are speaking my mind about Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce. I liked a few later episodes but I am so disappointed in how the finale played out. Talk about backward steps.

  2. I totally agree with you on Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce! There's a ton of potential with the female characters, but the show is quickly moving down the soap opera cliché path. Dear GGTD writers: Alert! Women can be rich and beautiful AND strong, smart, and independent. There's too much focus on the characters thinking with their private parts. And, way too wishy washy and "cry baby." It's hard to feel empathy towards weepy, spoiled, shallow women who make quick, stupid decisions at the expense of others' feelings and can't control themselves.

  3. I´ve actually liked the second half of GG2D much more than the first one. I think the pregnancy twist is too soapy and i hope we don´t have to see that storyline play out next season but other than that, i´ve loved every minute of it. My favorite part of the show is the Abby-Will relationship. It´s just fascinating. I´m so glad this show is returning for a second season.

  4. I really like Abby & Will too and I'm really disappointed that she screwed that up!!