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Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Slap premieres tonight

Tonight at 8:00 on Bravo it's Neil Patrick Harris on Inside the Actors Studio and NBC has the series premiere of The Slap which I'm happy to see is essentially an 8 part mini-series because while it has a great cast, I personally think it looks so stupid.

Up at 9:00 on Cooking it's the 2nd season finale of Donut Showdown, BBCA has the series finale of Kitchen Nightmares and on Lifetime it's the 4th season finale of Project Runway All Stars.

On Sundance at 10:00 it's the 1st season finale of Babylon and on We it's the 1st season finale of Love Thy Sister.

At 12:01 on Amazon it's the series premiere of Bosch then at 3:01 on Netflix it's the second season premiere of Mako Mermaids.

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