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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Work of Art Finale & a Bieber Special? Full night!

I watch Work of Art & I don't know why...I'm not actually all that interested in the show but I love Bravo & SJP so I watch it & tonight at 9:00 on Bravo is the 2nd season finale.  I like all 3 artists that remain & I'm very glad that Lola was sent packing because she has a bad attitude so I think I'm hoping that Young wins just because he's funny & wears tiny running shorts.  If you stay tuned to Bravo after this you can see tonight's episode of Top Chef which includes the one & only Patti LaBelle!! 

There is a lot more on tonight as well so here's the lineup.  CBS at 8:00 has a Christmas special called A Home for the Holidays with Martina McBride.  On Style is the season finale of Too Fat for 15 also at 8:00.

At 9:00 send your tween to the TV because TLC is airing the special This is Justin Bieber but definitely don't include them in the 90 minute 1st season finale of American Horror Story on FX at 10:00.
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