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Monday, December 19, 2011

Can we talk about Dexter?

Dudes, OMG to the end of Dexter...I almost crapped my pants when Deb walked in there & saw him, I was so involved in him killing Travis as was he clearly and I started turning into one of those people in a movie theater yelling at the TV "Dexter, hide, hide hide" and then bam, there she was...I mean, obviously she would have heard him talking but to actually see him physically kill Travis, I'll bet that took away her feelings of being in love with her brother.  How in the hell are we going to make it 9 months to find out what happened?  I hate when seasons end with a cliffhanger like that...I find that it tends to build up the next season too much & then once the first episode airs I'm left feeling unfulfilled so I hope that isn't the case here.

A couple other things, I wonder when Dexter will find the box from the intern with the Ice Truck Killer hand in it & if he'll think that Travis left it there?  I also want to know when Quinn will be sent packing because I could really do without him on the show, he's annoying & serves no purpose in the story line but they do need a hot guy...there is 0 to look at on this show so I'd like to have that fixed next season too.

My big complaint about the finale episode was the mural of Dexter as The Beast & the fact that for the first time ever on any crime scene in the history of the show the crew waited for Dexter to arrive before entering the house.  I always love how things are made convenient & how did nobody hear him banging those holes into the wall?  I guess it's not that important but I do think that consistency is key & that didn't match nor did the fact that Dexter had his clothes all clean & ready to go just hours after being lost at sea & swimming to shore.  Did anyone else think it was inappropriate that Dexter went to his kid's school pageant in his kill outfit?  OK, that's it, talk among yourselves!!

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