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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dexter Finale Tonight!!!!!

Eep you guys, I can't believe that the season finale of Dexter is on tonight already but I am also very excited to see how this will all unravel.  This season sure has woven a lot of stories & it even started seems to have started a couple of new ones that I'm sure will keep us wondering for next season but how in the hell will we make it 9 months again?  

So I'm going to revisit with you guys something I was discussing with my cousin the other day...after all of these years how could Dexter not have gotten something on his kill outfit by now, or torn it or something?  With all the sticky situations he gets himself into & all of the people he kills I find it very interesting that his kill outfit is always the same & still looks pretty close to brand new.  Well anyway, tune into Showtime at 9:00 for this.

There are other finales & specials on tonight that I need to mention, up at 8:00 on TLC is the My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding special "My Big Fat Gypsy Christmas" as well as the 2 hour season finale of Survivor on CBS.  At 8:30 is the first season finale of Allen Gregory on FOX.

9:00 not only has Dexter but the Next Iron Chef season finale on Food Network, a Real Housewives of Atlanta 75 minute special on Bravo.  Up at 10:00 we have the first season finale of Homeland on Showtime, the season finale of I Do Over on We and then at 11:00 is the finale of Why am I Still Single on VH1.

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