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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

WTF is with this surge of "fall finales"?

OK so I was just reviewing today's schedule of TV & I spotted that tonight is the "fall finale" of 90210 now I've been posting more & more "fall finale" posts for all kinds of shows that I don't watch so I didn't second guess them.  Prior to this year the only show I watched that had seasonal finales was Pretty Little Liars which airs in winter & summer I believe but then I saw this stupid 90210 fall finale notification & realized that this is all just a ratings game now.  I don't watch 90210 but I'm 95% sure it will be back in January with everything else so how does having the same holiday break as always suddenly constitute a finale?  It doesn't, it's the middle of the season break so calling the last episode before Christmas the fall finale isn't going to make the show any better...this show or any other.  Ease up networks, otherwise why not just call every single episode at the end of every month a finale?  Shit, why not call every episode a weekly finale?  Going forward, unless the show is honestly a 2 part season with ample time in between each part I will not note any more fake seasonal finales.
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