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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Finally, TV is back!

I really hate that TV shows will air 2 new episodes & then reruns for 3 weeks & keep flip flopping like this all season long.  I would rather be shown all 13-25 episodes & then wait for the new HBO & Showtime do it because as much as waiting for the new season sucks it sucks even more to miss a key point because you were so used to reruns you found something else to watch in the same time slot!  

Anyway, I digress, so tonight at 9:00 on Showtime is the 33rd season finale of Inside the NFL while Maneater Manhunt premieres on NatGeo Wild (NGW).

10:00 brings the 3rd season finale of Mistresses on BBCA while the 3rd season of Restaurant Impossible premieres on Food & the series premiere of Vegas Stripped will be on Travel.

I don't normally post these on here but just so you know, Modern Family & Revenge are new tonight & we find out who won the last chance kitchen on Top Chef & see who will go to the finale!
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