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Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Just Want My Pants Back

I Just Want My Pants Back...yes, this title is the title of a new MTV series that is premiering tonight on MTV at 11:00 & it looks just as dumb as it sounds & I assume it can't be all that great since they've had it on the back burner for some time.  They aired a sneak peek of this show after the 2011 VMA's August 28th which was 6 months ago & I reluctantly watched it just to see if perhaps it would be something interesting & low & behold, it wasn't & I shut it off before the sneak peek was over.  The premise is that some guy in his young 20's who works just to support going out (like 90% of 20 something Americans) dreams of being a music journalist & isn't.  He does however excel at once night stands, one of which leads to his pants & heart being stolen by the girl involved which then leads him on a journey to find his pants, the girl, and himself.  Go ahead...roll your eyes & then vomit, that's what I wanted to do just writing this. 

There are a couple other things on tonight as well so at 9:00 you can check out the 1st season finale of Less Than Kind followed by the 2nd season finale of Call me Fitz at 9:30 on DirectTV.  If you are still up at 11:59 check out Adult Swim for the 3rd season premiere of Delocated.

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