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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Biggest Guilty Pleasure...Jerseylicious!

I totally love all that is Jerseylicious...the drama, the comedy, the hair, the grammatical flubs, it's amazing & I saw the season premiere but still have last night's episode on the DVR.  Gigi really needs to man up & stop letting people make decisions for her, from the Frankie break-up/make-up to quitting The Gatsby she just keeps jumping the gun left and right. 

I need to talk about Fil's mom & Anthony & Gayle & all of that hoopla, I couldn't believe she just named the salon on her own & then had to take it back after arguing in front of everyone & then argue again with Gayle & her daughter even louder & in front of even more people? Way to keep it classy Jersey!  I'll bet Alexa is loving all of it now that she's moved on to her own venture & Gayle is throwing down with someone else.

I'll come back to this later but it was on my mind as I was sipping a mug of Celestial Seasonings Tension Tamer & chilling out for the night.  After being on vacation & sleeping in for 9 days getting back in the swing of work hours isn't easy.

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