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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cancellation Updates

ABC - In case you didn't notice, the show "Work It" was cancelled...did it even make it to a 2nd episode?  Body of Proof is on it's way out & Cougar Town is hoping to gain some interest after going into syndication (not sure where or when that is happening) but is teetering at the moment, then again we've only had a couple episodes since the season return.

CBS - A Gifted Man is on it's way out & Unforgettable isn't doing so well either but is up in the air at the moment regarding cancellation.  The shows that are teetering are Rob, CSI: NY, The Good Wife, CSI: Miami, and Rules of Engagement.

CW - Ringer is doing really poorly but hasn't yet been cancelled, Nikita, Heart of Dixie & Gossip Girl are all on the edge with pretty shabby ratings but no official word has come through regarding the fate of any of them.

FOX - Allen Gregory has been cancelled while The Finder isn't looking so good right now either.  As for shows that are on the edge there are quite a few Fringe, Raising Hope, Terra Nova & Napoleon Dynamite.

NBC - Prime Suspect & The Firm were both cancelled already while Harry's Law is barely holding on.  Whitney is kind of in the middle while Are you there Chelsea is also leaning toward being cancelled.  

I'm sure we'll learn much more once all of the seasons have ended for the year so I'll keep you posted of any series recordings that you can remove from your DVR.

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