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Friday, May 11, 2012

An anecdote from my journey

Here's the story for the day...the captain of this rig I'm riding in is already retired & we are currently on to our 4th destination & on all destinations & stops we are being guided by Garmina, the Garmin lady.  So we are departing from our lovely night of rest & the captain turns Garmina toward him & away from me (previously we could both see it) & says "I'm gonna do this myself" so I kick back & relax.  10 minutes later we are getting on the turnpike & he grabs the ticket & hands it to me & starts about prices as its time to get on the freeway & then he panics & says "which way, which way?"

Seriously? I say "how the hell do I know I can't see the fu**ing thing" so he just picks & then we hear Garmina say "recalculating"...21 miles later we were finally heading in the right direction until.....

The captain then blames the placement of the Garmin & picks it up & moves it to the other side where I cannot see it at all.  Garmina tells us to exit at the next exit so we do which confuses me but I go with it.  We end up in some town just driving so I stand up & look over & Garmina says we are 13 miles from our end destination.  When we could both previously see it we were 92 miles away...then it clicked.  The captain had touched the screen while moving the damn thing & was sending us to nowhere! At 1 point during this new 25 minute detour I did read something wrong & detour us another 5 minutes but in the grand scheme that isn't so bad.

We are now, 3 hours later, 19 miles from our destination & we should have been here an hour ago.  Oh well, it isn't like I need to be at work Monday!
Below is a photo from today's journey...this country is a beautiful one.

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