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Monday, May 14, 2012

Bones season finale tonight!

Up tonight at 7:00 on Bravo is the new Inside the Actor's Studio with the cast & creator of Mad Men.

At 8:00 on NBC is the 2 hour 7th season premiere of America's Got Talent, on FOX is the 7th season premiere of Bones or on CW is the 5th season finale of Gossip Girl.  Up at 8:30 on CBS is the 7th season finale of How I Met Your Mother.

9:00 offers up the 1st season finale of Hart of Dixie on CW or the series finale of Make it or Break it on ABC Family & then on CBS the comedy finales continue with the 9th season conclusion of Two & a Half Men.

Keep it on CBS for the 2nd season finale & the wedding of Mike & Molly at 9:30 or at 9:31 head to ABC for the 8th season premiere of The Bachelorette.

In the 10:00 slot on CBS is the 2nd season finale of Hawaii Five-0, on NBC is the 1st season finale of Smash. On Discovery is the series premiere of Kurt Sutter's Outlaw Empires.

If you are still looking for something to watch come 11:00 then check out the 1st season finale of Meat Men on Food.

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