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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Weight of our Nation

There is a 4 part series on HBO titled The Weight of the Nation that everyone should watch & everyone can watch for free online at HBO's website.  The series started airing Monday the 14th on HBO airing parts 1 and 2 while parts 3 and 4 were on yesterday so all 4 parts are being rerun on all HBO channels, available via HBO On Demand with your cable provider and also available on HBO Go.

Part 1 is titled Consequences and delves into the obesity epidemic that is ravaging our nation.
Part 2 is titled Choices which looks at why there is no medication that can really stop or reverse obesity.
Part 3 is titled Children in Crisis which tells us why our next generation may not live as long as us.
Part 4 is titled Challenges which looks at how communities can help fight back & who is driving the force behind this problem.

I plan to watch these On Demand over the weekend since I have a netbook with a tiny screen & my friend has HBO & a big screen TV so I'd rather watch it there.

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