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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Men at Work, Dogs in the City, ANTM

I caught up on some shows last night and wanted to mention 2 new shows that I watched & what I thought of them & first up is Men at Work which I had 2 episodes of & watched both.  I was glad to see Danny Masterson back in a star role on a sitcom & I'm also a fan of James Lesure from Las Vegas so the cast is good, the writing is decent but something is missing.  I heard some good jokes but never laughed out loud once in the whole hour so I didn't set up a series recording, we'll just put it that way.

Dogs in the City wasn't at all what I is basically The Dog Whisperer but in NYC with a young cute Italian guy who goes around training people & helping them understand their dogs. I like the show & will likely make a point to watch it when it's on & I'm home but I wish the creators would have come up with a name that better resembles the focus of the show.  The ads I've been seeing in my magazines make the show look (to me) like a reality show about people living in NYC who have dogs & I much prefer the real premise of the show.

On to ANTM...per usual I was doing other things while watching this so I saw Laura have the panic attack, the runway show, the judging & the winner being announced.  I was not at all surprised that Sophie won, Brit or not she is a much better model in general so she should be a British American top model.  I will not be watching the next season...the only people remaining on will be Tyra & Kelly Cutrone so without the Jays & Nigel I am done, I can't watch just for Kelly!

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