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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday, January's TV Overload Day!!!

On Sunday, January 12th I'm going to wish I had whole house DVR service & could record 5 shows at once.  I will have to get creative about scheduling all of my recordings, thank God for reruns!

At 8:00 it's The Golden Globes on NBC which will be on for at least 3 hours (plus the Red Carpet stuff before & after, ahhh!) and it doesn't rerun so I only have room for 1 other recording at the same time & the battles will begin at 9:00 when Shameless is back for its 4th season on Showtime & HBO has the series premiere of True Detective which I'm really looking forward to.  Then at 10:00 on HBO it's the 3rd season premiere of Girls and on Showtime it's the 3rd season premiere of House of Lies followed by the 3rd season premiere of Episodes at 10:30 but I don't watch that show so that saves me 30 minutes of shuffling.

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