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Monday, September 24, 2012

CBS comedy night is back!!

Tonight at 8:00 on ABC it's the 15th season premiere of Dancing with the Stars and on CBS it's the 8th season premiere of How I Met Your Mother and then at 8:30 the brand new comedy Partners premieres.

9:00 brings us to one of my favorite comedies, 2 Broke Girls on CBS, on NGC it's the 4th season finale of Border Wars and on The CW it's the 2nd season finale of The LA Complex.  On VH1 at 9:30 it's the series premiere of Chrissy & Mr. Jones and on CBS the 3rd season premiere of Mike & Molly.

At 10:00 on E! it's a special episode on a special night of Fashion Police to review the fashions of last night's Emmys and on CBS it's the 3rd season premiere of Hawaii Five-0 and then at 10:01 it's the 5th season premiere of Castle on ABC.

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