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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Revolution...I watched it

So this review of Revolution will also be a bit of a synopsis so if you haven't watched it yet you might want to do that first.  I tuned in to the show & it grabbed me right at the beginning but when it came back from the intro it was fifteen years later and I was of course confused.  There is no power, no batteries, no turbines, government has crumbled and a ton of people are dead including the mother of the family we met first.  The show opened with a man rushing home from work to his wife & two kids telling the wife that it's happening any minute now.  He begins downloading something to a flash drive & instructing his wife to fill the sinks & tub with water and the panic begins...the guy also calls his brother who is out driving with a colleague on their way back to a military base.  He tells his brother that it's about to happen & that everything is going to shut down...and so it does, all of the cars, phones, lights, water, shut off, everything that ran before no longer does.

With the 15 year jump we see the dad (Ben) in a village where they are growing their own food, hunting & living off the land among their homes that are now boarded up & nothing like what they used to be.  We soon see his two kids who are out hunting & we meet Ben's girlfriend & find out that mom died during the collapse of everything...due to no hospitals or scientific research or even medicines being made a lot of people died of just every day kind of illnesses.  So anyway, Gus from Breaking Bad shows up with the militia looking for Ben & Ben's brother Miles but when the kids try to interfere with them taking Ben it ends up being Danny (the son) who is taken & dad gets killed.  Yes, that's correct, 15 minutes into the show & both parents are dead but prior to dad dying he gave a necklace which included that flash drive to one of the other town guys Aaron.  

With Danny hauled off it's now time for his sister Charlie, Ben's girlfriend & Aaron to head out to try & find him & bring him back.  Of course this won't be easy given the fact that Danny has been captured by the militia so in order to find him they need to go to Chicago (they live in a suburb) to find Miles and see why they were being looked for to begin with.  Charlie meets a hot guy along the way who seems like he could be useful, his name is Ethan & he saved the day after a couple scary looking guys woke the crew up & one of them tried to rape Charlie.  See, they camped out in an abandoned plane at O'Hare & the creepy guys weren't too keen on them being there...but as the one was tossing Charlie around he was suddenly shot with a bow & killed & Ethan was the archer.  

The crew & Ethan then headed off to Chicago to find Miles meanwhile Danny escapes from the Militia and while he's running through the woods he has an asthma attack & collapses.  He then wakes up in a house with a woman with a gun who hands him an asthma inhaler & starts questioning him.  We then go back to the crew arriving at a hotel in Chicago where they find Miles & he realizes that Ethan is actually Militia & cut out of the equation.  The Militia then arrive at the black woman's house asking about Danny but she plays dumb & claims she hasn't seen him event though they suspect she has.  The Militia also arrive to see Miles but he happens to be able to take them all...apparently he's quite the skilled killer as is his buddy from the beginning of the show who we learn is now the head of the Militia!!  At the end we see the black woman go to her attic, plug another one of those usb necklace things & turn on a light as a computer fires up & we see the old school green digital writing on the black screen come up.  She says that the Militia was there and whomever is on the other end says "did they find it" and she says "no".  I assumed that "it" was the necklace thing but clearly it wouldn't be because without it she wouldn't be communicating with whomever this person is.

So while the beginning & the end were intriguing I think I'll skip this's a little too Hunger Games meets Lost in my opinion & I watched one ep of Lost & thought it sucked & never saw Hunger Games because I don't get into that kind of crap.  If this series gets picked up I don't know how long it can last...I assume it will take the whole of the season to find Danny & then next season they will be on to something else...I'd rather watch something like Revenge. Anyway, if you were a Lost fan & you get into sci-fi then check this show out but if you aren't then this totally isn't for you.  I would also like to note that the daughter in the leather pants & jacket 24/7 seems a bit ridiculous when everyone is always all sweaty...I'm just saying.  Also the makeup is a bit stupid...I highly doubt that the ladies are putting on their face when they have to hunt in order to eat!

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