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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Glee is back tonight

Tonight at 7:00 on NGC it's the 1st season finale of American Gypsies.  Up at 8:00 on NBC it's the 7th season finale of America's Got Talent, on Military it's the series premiere of History Exposed and on NFLN it's the 6th season premiere of Thursday Night Football.

Then at 9:00 on FOX it's the 4th season premiere of Glee & I'm very disappointed to find out that a lot of the cast including Rachel are back on the show & I was so looking forward to a brand new cast but more importantly her departure! Over on Bravo it's the return of Real Housewives of Miami with a 75 minute episode to open its 2nd season, and on Travel it's the 1st season finale of Trip Flip

9:30 on Cooking it's the 2nd season premiere of Symon's Suppers, at 10:00 on Food it's the 2nd season finale of Extreme Chef, on NBC the 2nd season premiere of Rock Center with Brian Williams, on MYV it's the 1st season fianle of Snooki & JWoww and TBS has the 1st season finale of Sullivan & Son.

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