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Saturday, September 29, 2012

My extremely delayed review of the Big Brother finale

OK so this season of Big Brother was the best season I said before it was the only season that actually had moves being made in it.  On top of all of the moves we also had the excitement of Dan's mist!  The person who suffered the most from said mist was of course Danielle who is in my opinion the dumbest player in BB history.  She was screwed over & shit on by Dan about 100 times and the fool actually voted for him in the end...she was the only one who did while everyone else voted for the big winner of the summer, Ian.  Once Jenn left we knew that a member of The Quack Pack was going to take it & it wasn't likely to be Shane who I'm sure is still holding a grudge against Dan for booting him.

Ian played a decent game but watching him on After Dark night after night he was freaking obnoxious with his constant rocking & ticks & swinging on the effing hammock, it was too much for me to handle especially near the end.  For three hours every night for the last few weeks his eh, idiosyncracies shall we say had a lot air time & caused me to change the channel often.  First let me say that Ian was an idiot for throwing the first part of that HOH competition to Dan (we knew Danielle would) especially since he didn't win the second part with the puzzle which shocked me.  I know that Dan threw a couple of those questions in the third round too because he did not want to have to make that decision at the end after he had told both Ian & Danielle that he would take them.  

Now, I'm sorry but all of the "Dan played a dirty game" crap really got on my about "Dan played a game & you were all the pawns" because I've never seen someone play people so smoothly, it's mystifying, or shall I say mistifying.  I am glad he didn't win because he has won before but so long as Danielle didn't win I would have been happy & she didn't, yay!  I was surprised that Brit didn't vote for Dan & I also kind of expected Jenn to vote for Dan too because the two of them were commenting on his amazing game play.  I also need to comment on fan favorite...I didn't vote because I knew that Frank would win & he annoyed me.  

I wonder what Ian will do with all of that money, hopefully he'll buy some new clothes including pants that don't have pleats!  Congrats Ian, get your freak on kid, you won $500,000 & are "rich bitch".

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