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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Big Brother season finale tonight!!

At 8:00 tonight on CBS it's the ninety minute season premiere of Survivor (Lisa Whelchel, aka Blair Warner is on this season).  At 9:00 on DirecTV it's the 2nd season premiere of Rake and on USA it's the 4th season finale of Royal Pains.  

Big Brother ends its 14th season at 9:30 with a ninety minute episode on CBS & all I have to say is...if Danielle wins, I'll be pissed.  She drives me crazy, she whines & pouts constantly, she's so worried about what everyone thinks of her & she keeps letting Dan run her game.  He has screwed her over so many times & she keeps yelling at him about it when it's her own fault for accepting it & then goes back for more, she's a freaking masochist!!  Also on at 9:30 on TruTV is South Beach Tow's 2nd season premiere.

10:00 on Discovery is the series premiere of How Booze Built America, on TruTV it's the 10th season fall premiere of Operation Repo and on MTV it's the 90 minute 23rd season premiere of Real World/Road Rules Challenge.  

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