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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Let's talk Parenthood

OK Parenthood viewers, we need to talk because we are 4 seasons in & this show has already pulled out every single cliche that the typical drama uses over 8 seasons.  In season 1 we had the young dumb brother (Crosby) who found out he was a dad & then proceeded to date the mom (Jasmine) of his son (Jabbar).  We had the family (Adam & Kristina) who finds out their son (Max) has Asperger's and then finds out that their daughter (Haddie) is dating a black guy (Alex) with a questionable past.  There's the daughter (Sarah) who's got 2 kids & is a mess & has to move back home with her parents & then starts dating her daughter's teacher (Mark) who said daughter (Amber) has a crush on.  Meanwhile we have the other couple (Joel & Julia) with the stay at home dad & the mom who works way too much who end up putting up dad (Zeek) when him & mom (Camille) are on the rocks.

In the 2nd season Amber gets messed up with the wrong crowd but gets back together & later moves out, Haddie gets more involved with Alex & gives him her virginity, Crosby cheats on Jasmine with Max's therapist & they split.  Sarah writes a play & Julia decides to adopt a baby, Kristina is pregnant.  This season wasn't too bad actually, it didn't cram a ton of crap down our throats all at once.

Come season 3 Julia tries to buy her coffee girls baby & after she does the girl ends up taking it back, Sarah & Mark give it a go, Adam changes careers & goes into business with Crosby, the new assistant makes a pass at Adam, Crosby & Jasmine get back together & get married, Sarah walks in on Drew having a personal intimate moment & completely unrelated decides that she might want a baby.  Drew gets a girlfriend & Haddie goes to college.

Season 4 shows up us & practically chokes us with stuff, Kristina has breast cancer, Julia & Joel adopt an older kid & have issues adjusting, Sarah & Mark move in together with Drew in tow, Amber dates a guy recently back from the war who has anger management issues, Mark walks in on Drew sleeping with his girlfriend, Sarah starts to have feelings for her boss & later leaves Mark for him & now...guess what happens tonight? Drew got his girlfriend pregnant!  That brings us completely up to date.  

Seriously, what's next?  Well, we need a drug problem (Kristina smoking pot during the chemo doesn't count) & we also need someone to get raped & someone to get robbed.  I swear to God that this show is turning into 90210 except they stretched all of the stories out over 10 seasons.  Also on 90210 pretty much everything happened to Kelly, the fire, the cocaine, the rape, she got shot, the abortion, the wedding cancelled at the last second, the absent father, the drug addict mother, the HIV scare...weight as well just start using that as the Parenthood checklist.  I guess, I just don't understand why Kristina couldn't have had something else & I'd also like to know when Crosby will hook up with the crazy neighbor chick at the know that's going to happen right?

So, anything else you can see coming from a mile away?  Come on, tell me what you are thinking will go down the rest of this season & on to the next one.

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