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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Americans premieres tonight on FX

First, I meant to post this yesterday but I wanted to say how sad it was to hear that Mary O'Connor, Hugh Hefner's assistant of more than 40 years had passed away.  Those of use who watched Girls Next Door grew to love Mary & her wonderful advice & outlook on life so I can't imagine how difficult this is for all of those who were close with her.  I hope that all of those who loved her can find peace in each other during this difficult time.  To read more about this & see some of the girls comments click here.

At 8:00 on CBS it's the special Super Bowl's Greatest Commercials 2013 and then at 9:00 on Spike TV it's the 4th season premiere of Auction Hunters, and then on Travel it's the one hour special Tailgate Takeover.  Up at 9:30 on Cooking it's the 3rd season finale of Extra Virgin.

The Americans premieres on FX at 10:00, on Spike TV it's the 2nd season premiere of Savage Family Diggers, on Style it's the special Hollywood House Calls with Cat Deeley, Top Chef has a special 75 minute episode on Bravo which means that WWHL won't start until 11:15 tonight.  Style also has another special Celebrity Closet Confidential at 10:30.

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