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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Prosecuting Casey Anthony...tonight!

Today at 2:00 it's the 4th season finale of Kelsey's Essentials.  Tonight at 8:00 on Lifetime it's the original telefilm Prosecuting Casey Anthony and on ABC it's a one hour special 20/20.

On Science at 9:00 it's the 3rd season premiere of A Idiot Abroad, on BBCA it's the series premiere of Ripper Street, Hallmark has the original telefilm The Sweeter Side of Life and on SyFy it's the original telefilm Tasmanian Devils.

Up at 10:00 on ID it's the 1st season finale of Fatal Vows, on Lifetime it's the special Beyond the Headlines: Prosecuting Casey Anthony, on Science it's the series premiere of Stuff you Should Know and on TBS it's the 1st season finale of Wedding Band.  At 10:15 on BBCA it's the series premiere of Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan.

The Graham Norton Show has a new episode at a special time on BBCA at 11:00 and then at 11:59 on Fox it's the special The Following: Inside the Following.

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