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Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Carrie review

So I watched The Carrie Diaries and while it wasn't a bad show, it's not for us "older" ladies who spent our 20's & more with the ladies of Sex & the City.  I get that Carrie clearly has a family and all that (we never heard anything of it during the series) but I felt a real disconnect...her mom died when she was really young according to this new show but in SATC that was never mentioned & you would think it would have been when Miranda's mom died.

My biggest complaints with the show were the lack of the World Trade Center in the city views...this is supposed to be 1984 and they were there, I don't see what the point is in pretending they never existed, it makes no sense to me at all.  Next is the fashion...there is some actual 80's fashion in the show but most of it is current fashion with an 80's twist & we already saw what Carrie looked like in the 80's when she moved to NYC and it was nothing like this version of her.  My last issue which is small is that Carrie had a Mogu/Squish pillow on her bed & they didn't come out until the early 2000's because if they had existed in the 80's I would have had tons of them.

I will give it another episode but I just feel as though this doesn't really relate to SATC at all & I assumed that it would.  We never heard about Carrie's sister or her internship in NYC when she was in high school and those are kind of big things and since she was the main character I just think we would have known these things, especially when she got married!!  For those who didn't watch SATC this would be a good show, it's for the younger demographic who's older sisters/moms watched the original show and didn't allow them to watch it because they were too young.  I think if you are 12-18 you should check out this show but if you are 25-50 you can probably ignore this one & pop in your DVD collection of the 6 seasons of Sex & the City or catch the first movie at 1:00 am on E!

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