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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Following...I'm hooked!

If you haven't watched The Following yet you need to...especially if you are a fan of a good suspense & or murder drama.  I described it as a cross between Dexter and Pretty Little Liars if that makes any sense.  I don't really watch cop shows or I'm sure it would be a cross between one of those and Dexter, even though Dexter is a cop show it's a serial killer show to me & then PLL is a suspenseful drama.  The gist of The Following is this...Kevin Bacon (Ryan Hardy) is a retired cop who in the past had caught a serial killer (Joe Carroll) that is on death row & later wrote a book about it.  During his run in with Carroll he was stabbed in the heart which caused him to require a pacemaker & led to his retirement & Carroll had 1 victim who survived, Sarah Fuller.

So it's now & Hardy is an alcoholic & he wakes up one morning, sips his vodka & turns on the TV to find out that Carroll has escaped from prison.  The cops call him up & ask for his assistance apprehending Carroll again.  Carroll is a former English/poetry professor who had an affinity for Edgar Allen Poe and often refers to him in various ways with his victims.  Hardy of course wants to help, he calls Sarah as well as Carroll's former wife Claire (they also have a son together) and lets them know that he's involved which makes both of them feel better.  At the police station all of these women (fans) have come in to talk about Carroll and then one of them suddenly stands up, takes her clothes off to reveal words all over her body, pulls an ice pick out of her bag, says a Poe quote & stabs herself in the eye & dies.  This is where the excitement begins.  

After this Hardy has to go see Claire who we learn he hooked up with & Carroll had sent her a letter referencing this matter but we don't yet know what it says because Hardy tells her that the cops don't need to know about it.  The son Joey has a nanny who is doing her best to keep him away from the TV & all of the drama that is going on with the police given that Carroll is on the run.  While here Hardy has an epiphany about Carroll breaking free to finish what he started with Sarah so then he goes to see her.  Sarah is at home being watched by numerous cops & her neighbors who are a gay couple & her besties.  When Hardy arrives he's taken in by a cop & shown around to all of the other cops & when they arrive outside of her bedroom the 2 cops who were posted aren't there so Hardy goes in her room to find one of the cops dead in her bed. He follows a trail of blood to the closet which leads to the neighbor closet so Hardy follows the blood to find that the house is empty except for the other cop who is dead in the garage & the word Nevermore written in blood on the wall.  The cops outside tell him that the gay couple left a half hour before in their SUV & Hardy steals a cop car to head out to a place he saw in a photo inside the house.

Hardy arrives at this B&B and begins to hear Sarah screaming so he follows the screams and runs into Carroll whom he can't shoot because he doesn't have a gun!  Him & Carroll get into an exchange of words regarding Sarah and then bam, she comes flying down from the ceiling dead with her eyes removed!  I completely freaked out when this happened & probably jumped 20 feet it was some crazy shit.  Hardy goes crazy & jumps Carroll & starts choking him & then the other cops show up & arrest him.  After this Hardy interrogates Carroll & the other cops find out about the letter so I can't wait for next week to see what it said.  

At the end of the show we see Claire go into Joey's room & surprise, he's not there...we then see him asleep in the back seat of an SUV being driven by the nanny who meets the "gay couple" (they are just 2 guy pretending to be gay for the last 3 years befriending Sarah to get her to Carroll) in a parking lot & they all pile into one vehicle & drive off.  Throughout the episode Hardy figured out that the ice pick girl & the gay couple are working for is one of his guards from the prison (Jordy)...obviously, he had to play a major role in Carroll's escape.  So now they know that Carroll had internet access while in prison (at the library) & had communicated with tons of people to do his dirty work, one important one being Jordy who was stealing dogs & practicing his murder skills on them (so sick) and at the end we saw him heading into a sorority house dressed in his uniform to "check the windows" with one of the girls.  

This show is crazy good, I had to take a sleeping pill after watching it because I was so freaked out...I checked the closets before going to bed too.  I haven't had a show creep me out this much since I don't know what so I just hope that it doesn't get so creepy that I have to stop watching or I'll need more than 1 refill on my Xanax.  I know this post has a lot of information & is kind of all over the place so you need to watch it to see exactly what it entail because they packed a lot of information that you need into one episode.

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