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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Small Town Security is back on AMC Thursday!

For those who already know Small Town Security they most likely already love it & are just as excited about the return as I am but for those who don't know about this show...make sure you check it out.  It is a reality show about a security company in Ringgold Georgia though it's not the work that's the interesting part, it's the staff & owners of JJK Security.  There's Irwin the hoarder, Joan who is frisky & unfiltered with Parkinson's, Dennis who used to be a woman, and Joan's crazy ass chihuahua Lambchop plus a few other characters you'll have to check out for yourself.  You can catch a glimpse below, check out the trailer for season 2 of Small Town Security on AMC, Thursday at 10:00.  Keep your eyes on the blog & Facebook, I'm going to be sharing some special gifs! 

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