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Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Parks & Recreation season finale is tonight

At 8:00 on Nick it's the 4th season premiere of Big Time Rush and at 8:30 on NBC it's a special one hour episode of The Office and on Nick, Wendell & Vinnie moves to a new time slot.

On Lifetime at 9:00 it's the Project Runway Season 11 reunion special and on Weather it's the special Deadliest Space Weather.  At 9:31 on NBC it's the 5th season finale of Parks & Recreation.

Up at 10:00 on E! it's the special Blinging up Baby, ID has the series premiere of Karma's a Bitch and on MTV it's the series premiere of The Show With Vinny.  10:30 on MTV brings the series premiere of Zach Stone is Gonna be Famous and then at 11:00 on FX it's the 2nd season finale of Brand X.

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