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Monday, May 13, 2013

The 90210 series finale is tonight

Tonight at 8:00 on CW it's the two hour series finale of 90210, FOX has back to back new episodes of Hell's Kitchen, and CBS has the 8th season finale of How I Met Your Mother.  Then at 9:00 on CBS it's the 2nd season finale of 2 Broke Girls and on Golf it's the 19th season premiere of Big Break.

At 10:00 on Military it's the 1st season finale of Bullet Points, NGW has the series premiere of Croc Catchers, on BBCA it's the 2nd season finale of James May's Man Lab, MTV has the special Teen Mom 2: Check up with Dr. Drew, and then NGC has the series premiere of the three part special Going Ape which compares the lives of chimps with the lives of humans to see just how similar we all are.  From power & territory battles to general basic instincts we will see how things compare through hidden camera footage, experiments & wildlife footage.  The full description of tonight's installment:

Going Ape: The Alpha Male
Monday, May 13, at 10 p.m. ET/PT
Food and sex: with all the benefits that come with being the alpha male, it’s no surprise that male apes work so hard to get to the top. But it’s not just our chimpanzee cousins who are in a constant struggle for power. From the world leader’s power walk and the CEO’s dominance posture, to our subtle everyday power struggles with strangers, this episode explores how those similar instincts remain, and how — just like in the jungle — so many human interactions can be a battle to become king of the swingers. For more on the show click here.

At 10:01 on ABC it's the 5th season finale of Castle.

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