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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

American Weed season finale

Tonight at 8:00 TV One kicks of the series premiere of Love Addiction and then on Nicktoons the 1st season finale of Voltron Force is on.  Something for the parents & something for the kids!!

The 2nd season premiere of American Guns is on Discovery at 9:00, the 1st season finale of American Weed is on NatGeo or the 5th season finale of Behind the Music is on VH1 & it's all about Brandy.

Up at 10:00 on Discovery is the 3rd season premiere of Auction Kings while Military has the 3rd season premiere of Great Planes.  The fun doesn't end there either,  NatGeo airs the 6th season premiere of Locked up Abroad, SyFy has the series premiere of Total Blackout and then on BBCA is the 3rd season finale of Whitechapel.

At 10:30 is the 2nd season finale of Ugly Americans on Comedy.

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