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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion #1

Tonight at 8:00 on History is the two hour special presentation of Titanic at 100. Hallmark has the original telefilm Undercover Bridesmaid.

At 9:00 on ID is the 2nd season finale of Nightmare Next Door. Bravo has the first part of the reunion of Real Housewives of Atlanta & I cannot wait for that! Also up at 9:00 will be the 4th part of the miniseries Titanic on ABC as well as the 4th season premiere of Tough Love on VH1.

Up at 10:00 on HBO is the 3rd season finale of Eastbound & Down, History has the 1st season finale of Full Metal Jousting, CBS has the series premiere of NYC 22 while Bravo has the 1st season finale of Shahs of Sunset.  

At 10:30 on HBO is the series premiere of Girls and on TLC is the 1st season finale of Leave it to Niecy.

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