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Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Trust the B!

I just finished watching Don't Trust the B--- in Apartment 23 & I liked it!  James Van Der Beek is quite hilarious on the show playing himself.  Krysten ritter & Dreama play the roommates Chloe & June & Chloe used to date James who is now her straight gay BFF.  Also on the show is Liza Lapira who plays the Chloe's neighbor who is also obsessed with her.  Liza was on Traffic Light last season which I really liked but apparently has been cancelled because I've seen Liza & a couple other actors from the show on new shows.

Anyway, the premise of this show is that June just got an awesome new job & has been relocated to NYC but when she arrives for work she learns that the company has been seized by the government & the boss is being arrested for fraud so because of this she no longer has the corporate apartment she was provided by said boss.  Due to this issue June has to find somewhere to live ASAP & this is where she finds her roommate Chloe who she thinks is perfect.  That's all part of Chloe's plan of course...she gets a roommate & then once she gets the money out of them turns into a bitch & they in turn move out.  Not this time though...June saw through the game & bit back so it seems that this partnership might not actually be all bad!  The show is funny, and most everything involving James involves Dawson's Creek references which just makes me so happy.  So all it all the show is funny & I am going to add it to my series record list & I think you should too.

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