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Thursday, April 12, 2012

As the season nears its end let the cancellations begin!

FOX has cancelled Breaking In & has pulled it from the schedule though it was supposed to return on Tuesdays after New Girl on 4/24.  Initially Breaking In was cancelled after last season but was obviously brought back.  So the network will most likely air the remaining episodes over summer but the chances of it getting another come back...well, those are pretty much gone!

ABC has a new daytime talk show with Katie Couric coming aptly titled Katie so in order to put her on the air the network had to pull something else & it was between General Hospital & The Revolution.  Well, The Revolution is a new show & while I like it I don't actually watch it but I was a very loyal GH fan for many years of my life.  During the whole Brenda/Karen/Jagger/Jason saga I would rush home from school & couldn't miss an episode but once I got older & got more of a social life I stopped watching the show.  I guess the GH fans have been all up in arms threatening to boycott Katie if the show is pulled so ABC is pulling The Revolution.  Not really sure if the GH fans actually had anything to do with the network's decision but I'm sure it factored in somewhere.

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