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Monday, April 23, 2012

Drama by Bravo!

Holy insanity all over Bravo Sunday night kids & it all started with the Atlanta reunion, part 3 which yes, is the last part & thank God because listening to these women argue over each other on repeat was enough to drive me to drink.  Its impossible to even follow a story or question response because someone else always jumps in with their opinion of it when nobody even asked for it.  Andy constantly trying to push Nene & Kim to be friends again is really getting old after how many seasons now, 5?  I don't care much for Marlo or Sheree or how much they all judge each other based on things they hear from someone at the salon who heard it from someone else who heard it from someone on speakerphone at the gas station.  I just find it strange that a group of so called friends/acquaintances never seem to confirm anything with the person they heard about.  Honestly, I'm happy to see this season end & am looking forward to Don't be Tardy for the Wedding!

As for Real Housewives of New Jersey...the first episode rolled out with plenty of drama at the Jersey Shore! If I were Melissa I would have felt the same way, what is with guys? They tell you that the shore house is totally ready to stay in & the place is a construction site! I personally think that with this cast the instigators are Ritchie, Joe Guidice & Joe far the women are trying to keep it mild & support each other but clearly by the season preview that is so not the case as the season progresses.  I'm very excited to see what's in store with the loud & ballsy Italian families.  I would also like to note that Joe Guidice can quit with the arm weights until he gives birth.  He can also try to be a better dad & husband because he's a detached, rude, selfish dick & I'm sure Joe Gorga was right & that's what's causing so much of Teresa's insecurities & jealousy.  Between this & Celebrity Apprentice I hope I don't get sick of Teresa! 

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