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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Best Friends Forever...I watched it

So, I just watched Best Friends Forever on my DVR of course & I liked it, the show is funny & cute & a great parallel between a couple & 2 female BFF's.  The premise is that Jessica (played by Jessica St. Clair) was just served divorce papers by her jackhole husband so her best friend Lennon (played by Lennon Parham) insists that she comes back "home" to where she now lives with her boyfriend Joe (played by Luka Jones).

Of course there are some adjustments on all their parts as everyone tries to make this situation workable for all involved & it all starts with their turn to host "lazy Sunday" which was being run by Joe & is now being run by the girls & of course that causes some clashes to say the least!  Bottom line, I laughed out loud 3 times so I think this one is a keeper so I hope it doesn't get cancelled like every other sitcom I seem to enjoy.

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