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Monday, August 12, 2013

Americans in Bed...the last in the summer series from HBO Docs

Tonight we get a look into the lives of 10 different couples from the privacy of their own bedrooms.  The couples varying in ages, ethnicities, religions and sexual orientations share their insights on love, sex & marriage which are often funny & sometimes surprising.  Americans in Bed is directed by Philippa Robinson who conducts interviews with the subjects that take place in their beds.  Questions about what you look for & how you know when you have found it are asked to the of whom have been together for 71 years & another who are newlyweds.

Candid answers about and insights into these relationships cover topics such as fidelity, negotiation, illness, conflict and more.  As the couples reflect on how they met & their relationships over time some remember good things long forgotten while others can't seem to forget about things no matter how long it has been.  This sounds very interesting to me having been single for so long so I'll have to be sure to set the DVR for it & see if I can pick up any tips!  Check out the trailer below & tune in to HBO tonight at 9:00 or catch it on a rerun or On Demand.

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