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Sunday, August 4, 2013

CBS/Showtime black out...not cool, not cool at all!

This whole issue with Time Warner & CBS/Showtime is really pissing me off!  I have Brighthouse cable & I do not have choice of cable providers where I live, I am also a Dexter & a Big Brother watcher...both of these shows air on channels that I don't currently have.  Dexter is in its final season & it's on tonight & Big Brother is also on tonight but thankfully I'm staying at a friend's house who isn't part of the blackout so I'll be able to watch Big Bro but he doesn't have Showtime so I won't get to see the new episode(s) of Dexter until the blackout is over.  

What really pisses me off is that Showtime is saying that they had no problem with keeping the channel on the air during negotiations but Time Warner wanted it pulled but Time Warner is saying that Showtime & CBS both pulled their who's right?  I don't really care about why the issue is happening or who is at fault, ever article I read is just a blame game.  Quit acting like arguing children & get the issue dealt with & squared away ASAP.  If I were able to change cable providers I would have already done so even though Brighthouse says "there's no reason to switch, every provider has to go through these negotiations & you might lose other channels with another provider" to which I think "OK but I want to watch Dexter tonight so if I could switch to WOW I'd switch & have all my channels & then when they send HBO dark I'll see if Brighthouse has Showtime & CBS back plus HBO & I'll switch back."  I mean, I'd switch every 3 months if I had to so that I could watch all of my TV shows...don't they get it, I don't mind being inconvenienced so long as I can watch what I want when I want!

My biggest question is this...why, if Comcast is a Time Warner company just like Brighthouse am I sitting at my friend's house watching CBS right now?  Why aren't they blacked out like my cable is, I'm not pissed since I'll be able to watch Big Brother tonight but I am definitely confused.  I also read that CBS is blocking those with  internet provided by their cable company (this includes me) from watching full shows online!  So you know what I'm going to have to say about that? Hulu Plus...I'm more than willing to pay $7.99 a month until this issue is resolved so I can watch Big Brother but how am I supposed to get my Dexter fix?  I'll tell you friend has Comcast at his house & he has Showtime for 1 more month so I can log into his Comcast account from my computer & watch it online...granted I have a netbook so the experience won't be the same as watching it in HD but at this point I don't care...they have driven me to extremes!!

If I end up enjoying Hulu Plus who knows...cable (as a whole) may just lose me for good so maybe I'll be thanking Time Warner & the CBS/Showtime networks at the end for all of this & maybe more of the 11+ million affected customers will do the same too.


  1. So...Hulu Plus doesn't have Big Brother!!! Brighthouse is currently giving us free Starz in place of CBS but I'm not receiving anything in place of Showtime. Regardless, Starz doesn't show Dexter or Big Brother so I'm just getting more & more pissed every day!!!

  2. Brighthouse says:

    Showtime says: "Attention Time Warner Cable customers, Time Warner has dropped Showtime, contact them & tell them you want it back"

    CBS isn't saying a damn thing other than the fact that I can't access either so guess what? I'll go to Starbucks & watch Big Brother...jerks!