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Monday, August 12, 2013

Breaking Bad was sooooo good!

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Spoilers included here...if you don't want to know then don't read on & bitch about it later.  Man, they sure split up the season in the right place didn't they?  Hoo, last night's premiere was great!  I cannot wait to see how all of this plays out.  Now that Hank knows who Walt is & Jesse knows what kind of person Walt is & the cancer is back...sounds like karma knows just who he is as well.  

I loved how now that Walt is "done" Skylar is acting like everything is just easy breezy & normal & the issues are over.  Um, when you are a drug empire king...aka a Heisenberg nothing will ever be easy breezy again & obviously we see that Walt isn't doing so well in the future/current time.  His home is locked up & vacant, it looks like a foreclosure here in Detroit & neighbor kids are using the empty pool in the back as a skate park.  Now, I had an issue with this whole setup because it's clearly a pretty nice neighborhood & it doesn't look like he recently left the house & regardless of what happened in the house it would have been torn down or sold after the case was closed.  No neighbors would stand for a fenced in overgrown rat attracting yard with "notice" signs posted all over & a back yard full of kids on skateboards, sorry!

Can I just say how much I don't like Lydia & how much I would like her dead...perhaps that's why Walt went back to the house to get that ricin but if I know Walt I'd say that she's already dead long before he goes back for the ricin (if you don't already know the episode flip flops from Walt living under an alias to the chain of events that lead to that).  I'm also going to guess that he beat the cancer again given the fact that he is alive a year later & has hair...granted he looks like shit but I'm guessing that's from living on the run rather than from cancer.  So back to Lydia, when she walked in to the car wash I thought "oh right, she's still alive & she's going to be a problem" & then she starts bitching about the quality of the product...who's making it?  I'm assuming Todd is making it since he was the last one to cook with Walt & Walt said that he handed over everything needed to get the job done & he didn't care about any of it anymore.  Lydia is clearly the type of person who shouldn't be involved in any activity like this because she's a ticking bomb who overreacts about everything & is always on edge.  I'm sure she will end up dead but I'm 1/2 thinking that it will be because of something stupid like she'll get hit by a car or something...she's that type of a dip-shit that she would be so worried about one thing that she wouldn't notice a bus coming right at her.

On another note...who in the hell pays $15 for a standard car wash?  I go to the $3 place & get irritated when they try to up-sell me to the $5...shit, just last year the name of the place by me was "Original $2 Car Wash" & it's now the "Original $3 Car Wash" & when I saw the name change I was pissed.  I suppose if you are trying to launder money through a car wash charging a couple bucks a wash isn't going to help much is it?  Now I digress to poor Jesse...he was just some dime store drug dealer who had his life interrupted by Walt who just wanted some extra cash & now has more cash than he could know what to do with.  The two of them embarked on a crazy ass journey that got darker and darker as the days went by and Jesse has suffered so much mental anguish throughout the series & it just keeps getting worse.  Obviously he doesn't want all of that blood money around to remind him what has happened since he drove around throwing wads out the windows into unsuspecting neighbors yards but no matter what he does with that cash he will never be able to undo what has already been done.  Only 7 more episodes left of this entire series & I'll be sad to see it go but am grateful for the immense amount of entertainment it has provided!!!

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