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Monday, August 26, 2013

Glickman premieres on HBO tonight

Marty Glickman was a gifted Jewish-American athlete who was denied the opportunity to represent the U.S. in the Berlin Olympics in 1936.  Later on he became one of the most influential sportscasters in history after pioneering many of the techniques, phrases & programming innovations that are still being used in sports reporting today.  This documentary, Glickman explores his remarkable life and career and is the first documentary from writer, producer & director James L. Freedman.  Freedman produced Glickman's late-night sports program on New York radio as a senior in high school.

The documentary features footage and interviews with Marv Albert, Bob Costas, Bill Bradley, Jim Brown, Frank Gifford, Larry King, Jerry Stiller, John Mara and others and tell the story of a man who overcame prejudice to build an amazing career & setting the gold standard for sports broadcasters past, present, and future.  Check out the trailer below & watch it tonight on HBO at 9:00

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