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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Alternate Ending to The Hills? Yes Please...tomorrow morning!

Friday at 11:30 am on MTV it's the never before seen alternate ending of The Hills!  

On Pivot at 7:00 it's the 2nd season premiere of Little Mosque, at 8:00 on Discovery it's the special Great White Gauntlet.  Up at 9:00 on CW it's the time slot premiere of America's Next Top Model, Starz has the 2nd season finale of Magic City, ABC has the 1st season finale of Primetime: Would you Fall for That?, and on TLC it's the special Say Yes to the Dress.

At 10:00 on Cinemax it's the 3rd season premiere of Strike Back, TLC has the 10th season fall premiere of What Not to Wear and on Starz it's the series premiere of The White Queen.

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