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Sunday, August 25, 2013

VMA's are tonight

Today at 4:00 on FOX it's NFL Preseason and Nicktoons has the 2nd season finale of Speed Racer.  

On MTV at 7:00 it's a special episode of Catfish and NBC has the special Madden NFL 14 Pigskin Pro-am and at 7:30 on Travel it's the 1st season finale of Magic Man.

Up at 8:00 on ABC it's the special Family Dance Off, Disney has the 1st season finale of Dog with a Blog, MTV has the VMA pre show, Pivot has the special Last Call at the Oasis, Food has the 6th season finale of Restaurant: Impossible and on NBC it's Sunday Night Football pre-season.  On CMT at 830 it's the 1st season finale of Hillbillies for Hire.

At 9:00 on DA it's the two hour 5th season finale of BBQ Pit Masters, MTV has the 2013 MTV VMA's & on PBS it's the series premiere of Silk.  On HGTV at 10:00 it's the 1st season finale of Brother vs. Brother, TruTV moves Hardcore Pawn to a new time slot, History has the 7th season finale of Ice Road Truckers and on NGC it's the 1st season finale of Inside the American Mob.

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