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Sunday, August 19, 2012

All You Can review

All You Can Meat is a new series that airs on Travel Channel & premiered this past week after the finale of Best Sandwich in America which by the way let me say congrats to Slow's for their Yardbird which made it to the top three!!  So this new show is all about meat & so am I which means that this is already a series recording on my DVR.  The host is Chuey Martinez & the first episode featured him travelling around the country eating pulled pork which happens to be one of my absolute favorite things.  My mouth watered, I sat there drooling & wishing that I had the tasty food that he was eating.  The second episode was all about brisket which I also love and I was extremely excited to see that next week the episode focus is ribs which are on the top of meat list as well.

The setup & design of the show don't reall need any major description, it's 30 minutes & he visits 3 places so it's clips right along making your mouth water just enough to wish you hadn't eaten so much at dinner.  If you like meat you'll love this show so watch it.

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