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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Big season yet!

Finally, for the first time since I've been watching Big Brother people are finally making some big moves and not just talking about making them.  In the past Frank wanted to put Dan up & back door him & he didn't because Boogie told him not to...clearly he should have because Dan is a pro at saving himself.  So first off we saw Danielle back door Janelle which came as a huge shock to her & myself as well but Boogie saw the opportunity to play on Danielle's weak spot (jealousy of Janelle) and greased her right into getting out his nemesis & his whole planned worked.

After that we had the double eviction week which kicked off with Ian's hard spy work coming to fruition...Boogie was evicted by Shane & man was he pissed, until he saw Ian's goodbye video & learned that Ian was the one who betrayed their trust and not Dan.  He tipped his hat to Ian who told him that he had learned from the best.  Immediately after Boogie's departure it was time for the HOH, POV & second eviction & Ian won HOH which meant he had to think fast & he went right for Frank up against Ashley.  Surprise, Frank won POV & saved himself so the replacement nominee was Joe & Ashley was sent the first jury member.  

Things kicked into high gear here as Frank of course won the next HOH & he had to beat out every single other player & of course, he did & suddenly everyone wanted to team up with him...the one person who just prior had "nobody".  Frank of course nominated Dan & he also nominated Danielle so they could feel what it was like to be up against each other like he had been with Boogie.  Suddenly Pandora's Box rears its ugly head & Frank goes for it which unleashed a POV into the was in the claw machine & change to play it with fell from the sky in plastic balls!  Ian won this special POV & guess who won the other one? Jenn, who had just teamed up with Frank.  

The next move came here...Jenn used the POV to save Dan after Dan spilled the beans about Ian to Frank.  Frank put Britney up on the block next to Danielle since he couldn't put up Ian & it tore both her & Ian apart since they didn't see it coming & thought they were working with Dan.  Now, from what I understand Britney will be going home tonight but I would rather see Danielle leave because she annoys the hell out of me.  

On another note...during the POV everyone had to take these punishments & Dan had to spend 24 hours in solitary disco/dance confinement.  Giving Dan 24 hours alone to make a plan isn't the best idea because as I said earlier, he told Frank all about Ian.  After his day in solitary he came out like a bull in a china shop and gathered everyone for a house meeting which he revealed was his BB funeral & he spoke to each person individually thanking them for whatever.  He told the group that he knew he was going home & he didn't want to talk game anymore & he basically told Danielle that she was a worthless dirty player for what she did to him which made her cry because she hadn't done anything.  Well, after Dan met with Frank & revealed the Quack Pack & Ian the mole he then went & met with Danielle & told her that his speech was all a big hoax to get them both safe.  Dan made a deal with Frank to get Jenn to use the veto to save him & bam a new team was born, they don't have a name yet but it's Dan, Danielle, Frank & Jenn.  I can't wait to see how this season unfolds because it's been so much fun to watch...the first few weeks kind of sucked but once the coaches came in to the game things got heated.

These next two HOH's are going to be key because Frank can't compete in either one which gives Shane a chance to make a move since he is the most likely person to win HOH if it's physical.  

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