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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

True Blood...let's take a bite

We have 3 episodes left & this season has really flown bye but just like every other season it always seems to just be getting good when it's about to end & that's the case now.  I am so surprised & confused with Bill's behavior...what the hell is going on with him?  Does he really think that Salome is right & that taking over & feeding on humans again is right?  He told her about Eric & Molly clearly & now I assume that they are being held as prisoners which brings a whole new ball of problems but I feel so bad right now for Pam.  She has been manning Fangtasia since Eric released her & now this new douche shows up & tells her that he's the new Sheriff...just when she had some power & now she's no better than Tara, back to answering to someone.

I'm also all in a tizzy over Emma being kidnapped by Russel & given to Steve as a gift but with Sam & Luna out shifting and saving Sookie & Hoyt I'm hoping they'll be able to save Emma too.  There is just so much that needs to take place in the next three episodes that I am super excited but also bummed!  So many questions, is Sookie almost not faerie anymore?  Will she find the vampire who killed her parents?  Is Lafayette going to get more clues from Gran?  What's going to happen with Tara?  Are Bill & Eric both going to make it out sane & without meeting the true death?  Will we get to see Alcide's naked ass more?  How will they all be answered?    

I'm happy that Terry made it out of that whole Ifrit ordeal because I like Arlene & she doesn't really have the best luck!

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