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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Pretty Little Liars summer finale tonight

Tonight at 7:00 on Bravo it's the 1st season finale of Love Broker & then at 8:00 I'll be on ABC Family for the 3rd summer finale of Pretty Little Liars when we will find out another insider (we know where's more than one again) who is betraying the girls.  Also at 8 on Cartoon it's the 4th season finale of Total Drama.

9:00 on TLC is the 6th season summer premiere of 19 Kids & Counting, on Weather it's the 4th season finale of Braving the Elements.  On HGTV it's the 12th season premiere of Property Virgin.

TLC keeps it going at 10:00 with the series premiere of Abby & Brittany, Health has the 2nd season premiere of Addicted which I thought had been cancelled but it looks like it just moved channels...wasn't it on TLC for it's first season?  I watched it on Netflix so I don't quite recall.

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